The lives of two mothers and two daughters, from two different cultures, converge in tragically unexpected ways.


A young woman goes missing… Another is found dead…  Their suffering mothers, Etta and Asami, fear their daughters’ grim situations, although oceans apart, could be connected. For decades, despite their love for the same man, the Chicago and Tokyo single moms have supported each other at Tripoint Technology, a male-dominated global company. That support is desperately needed now. 


To locate one daughter and seek revenge for the other the mothers join forces. They must race against time following the dangerous international trail not knowing whom to trust or to blame. Both dread their sexually charged secrets, from their Tripoint pasts, could be linked to their daughters’ deadly circumstances—and to the same powerful men out to protect themselves at all costs.



Desperate Parallels is the quasi-detective tale about two vulnerable yet powerful women who confront the men in their world, the ideologies dictating their behaviors, and the consequences of cultural and gender teachings that cause them to hide important truths. ~~D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Desperate Parallels is highly original… The narrative is intriguing, even gripping… The writing is strong and the dialogue authentic and well crafted. ~~The Booklife Prize


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